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Watch Anthony Bourdain Get Wasted and Eat Korean Barbecue in South Korea

Bourdain finally makes it to South Korea in the season 5 premiere of Parts Unknown.

Parts Unknown — the CNN show hosted by Anthony Bourdain — kicks off its fifth season next week. As previously reported, the first episode takes place in South Korea, which Bourdain also visited in an episode of his Travel Channel show No Reservations. Bourdain really takes to the dining and drinking culture in Seoul. Here now are a couple of preview clips from the first episode. First, Bourdain gets absolutely trashed in Seoul, and then he picks a group of suited strangers ("salary men") off the street and invites them to dinner at a Korean barbecue restaurant. Check out the clips, below.

Parts Unknown season 5, episode 1 preview:

Anthony Bourdain eating Korean barbecue with strangers in Seoul, South Korea:

Parts Unknown season five premieres on CNN on April 26.