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Why Hillary Clinton Sipped a Caramallow Latte While Discussing Her Campaign

She also ordered a masala chai.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Late yesterday, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made a stop in Monticello, Iowa to outline the motivation behind her campaign over cups of coffee and tea with "everyday Americans." According to CNN, Clinton's round table-style event inside an empty classroom at a local community college was attended by just 22 citizens, though campaign aides and press filled the room as well.

Clinton ordered both coffee and tea — as well as a water with lemon — before sitting down in front of the cameras and townspeople. She discussed some of her campaign goals, though she left specific policies and political views out of the discussion. The small round table is just the first of what will be many intimate events planned by the Clinton campaign. Several stops in the coming weeks will be at cafes and restaurants, according to CNN. Clinton joked to reporters that she planned to "drink her way across the state" of Iowa.

But what of Clinton's beverage choices? She ordered a masala chai, which is clearly a nod to the tea-drinking world. It may also remind Americans of Clinton's successful tenure as Secretary of State, familiarity with exotic spices, and worldliness. Meanwhile, the caramallow latte says, "I am an American. I like sugar in my coffee, and I can afford a fancy drink, especially on special occasions."

The media has been scrambling to find meaning in Clinton's food choices since she announced her campaign this past Sunday. After the former First Lady stopped at Chipotle for lunch on Monday in Ohio, Fox News called her out for trying to appeal to "the Hispanic vote." Last night on the Daily Show, host Jon Stewart poked fun at how the media jumped on the news that Clinton ordered lunch at a Chipotle on the same day presidential hopeful Marco Rubio announced his campaign for president. "How could Rubio have known that on the exact same day he was launching his candidacy, Hillary Clinton would eat lunch?" Stewart uses the opportunity to plug Chipotle and ask for free food. Check out the clip, below.