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Carl's Jr. Brings Its Stunt-Filled Menu to Guatemala

Brace for pepperoni fries.


For those who have contemplated taking a trip to Guatemala but postponed out of fear of not being able to access calorie-packed burgers from their favorite American chain — ready your passport. According to a press release, California-based burger chain Carl's Jr. is invading Guatemala City. The chain is opening its second location within Guatemala in one month.

To celebrate the opening of the location, Carl's Jr. will give the first 50 customers who arrive at the store on April 18 coupons for "Free Food for a year." Ned Lyerly, the president of Carl's Jr.'s parent company, notes in the release, "Guatemala is an important market. A Guatemalan Carl's Jr. franchise owner adds that "Carl's Jr. is answering the call for what Guatemalans love and value most." If Guatemala loves racy slutburger commercials (which Americans now hate) and stunt foods like pepperoni fries and Pop-Tart ice cream sandwiches, then the country is in luck.

Carl's Jr. isn't the only American chain with international expansion plans. Taco Bell will soon open its first outpost in Japan later this month. The pseudo-Mexican chain also announced in December that it plans to open 1,300 international locations by the end of 2023.