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Restaurant Discovery Site Zomato Scores $50 Million in Funding

The company also purchased payment platform MaplePOS.

India-based restaurant discovery service Zomato just raised $50 million in a round of funding. According to TechCrunch, the app — which is now used in 22 countries — has managed to acquire a total of $164 million in investments since it launched in 2008. With part of the money, Zomato — which acquired Urbanspoon earlier this year — purchased payment platform MaplePOS.

The platform's original service has been shut down and the product "has been absorbed into Zomato's platform." With this acquisition, Zomato can expand its own POS system Zomato Base. Now the company will be able to offer restaurants a cloud-based POS system with features like menu and inventory management, analytics, and "receipt-making capabilities." The purchase of MaplePOS signals the company's desire to play in the same ordering and payment space as companies like GrubHub — which works with PayPal — and Seamless, which recently announced a partnership with Google Wallet.

This is just the latest expansion of Zomato's services: In February the company announced that it was getting into the food delivery game. Users across India are now able to order food directly from Zomato's website, similar to services offered by platforms like Seamless. The app's plans are ambitious: For the launch of the food delivery site, Zomato partnered with 2,000 restaurants but the company's CEO Deepinder Goyal believes that number will jump to 10,000 restaurants nationwide in just a handful of months.