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McDonald's Will Take Taco Bell Receipts as Payment for Egg McMuffins

Looks like the latest addition to McDonald's breakfast menu is spite.


McDonald's is moving its breakfast war with Taco Bell off of the digital battlefield and into stores. According to Business Insider, select McDonald's locations in Northeast Pennsylvania are letting customers trade-in Taco Bell breakfast receipts for a free Egg McMuffin (which may soon be available all day long). That's right, McDonald's wants to be crowned ruler of the fast food breakfast realm so badly that it's willing to let go of all economic logic. Yes, the chain is willing to give you free food in exchange for you paying its competitor for breakfast.

The move comes just a few weeks after Taco Bell released its short film/extra long Orwellian commercial that depicted a "creepy Ronald McDonald lookalike dictator [who] enforces a strict policy of sameness on his citizens" and makes everyone eat Egg McMuffin sandwiches. McDonald's responded with a happy-go-lucky Vine, but that clearly wasn't retaliation enough.

This is just the latest in a series of back-and-forth jabs between the two chains. Last year, Taco Bell released a series of ads mocking Ronald McDonald and the Egg McMuffin. McDonald's then CEO fired back in a conference call with investors saying that he wasn't worried about breakfast competition from that "taco shop." So, you might want to fuel up on your fast food breakfast of choice — whether it be a McGriddle or a biscuit taco — because this war is going to be long and hard.

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