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Gwyneth Paltrow Tries to Live on Food Stamps; Espresso Machines in Space

Also, parents say a Benihana served their 3-year-old alcohol.

Moses Ng/Getty Images

RICH PEOPLE THINGS — Gwyneth Paltrow's attempt to live on food stamps to see how the other half lives is being met with certain degree of scorn, no matter now good the Oscar-winning actress' intentions may be. Paltrow announced last week that she was accepting the challenge from The Food Bank for New York City to live on food stamps for one week, roughly $29, or $1.38 per meal. After tweeting pictures of the food that $29 purchased, Paltrow was accused by some of being insensitive to those who are actually forced to live on such a penurious budget.

TECHNOLOGY — The International Space Station will soon be getting a welcome addition: an espresso machine specially designed to work in space. Lavazza teamed up with the Italian Space Agency to create the ISSpresso, a 44-lb. caffeine-slinging wonder that's guaranteed to work in zero gravity. The delivery of the machine was supposed to happen months ago, and finally appears to be happening.

PHOENIX — A family suffered a scare when they had to rush their 3-year-old daughter to the emergency room for possible alcohol poisoning after the child was accidentally served alcohol in a local Benihana. The parents say their daughter's cup, which was served with a lid, was somehow spiked with alcohol. When the child began acting strangely, the parents investigated the juice cup and noticed the mix-up. The child was monitored by doctors before being released to her parents.