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Coming Soon: A Feature-Length Documentary About René Redzepi

How well do you know the man behind Noma?

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

René Redzepi, the chef behind Copenhagen's Noma, is now the subject of a documentary directed by Pierre Deschamps. According to the movie's Facebook page, the documentary is slated to premiere sometime next year.

The film is currently titled Noma My Perfect Storm, and will follow Redzepi through his life at the helm of Noma, which claimed the top spot on S. Pellegrino's "World's 50 Best Restaurants" list for four years. The film has been a long time in the making — it was originally supposed to premiere a year ago but faced production delays. On the production company's blog, Descamp writes that he is now in the post-production process,

"taking all the thoughts that I had during the last 3 years about René, his restaurant, his family, who he is, what he does, the good time, the bad time, the accolades, the downfall, where he is from, what he has achieved, what I see at Noma during the shoot, how I feel the people involve and etc...and try to create an interesting story without falling in the category of just doing a film about food."

Here's one heavily watermarked still from the film, released today:

Here's an image from the film as promised. What do you think?

Posted by Noma My Perfect Storm on Monday, April 13, 2015