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Taco Bell Customer Fined $266 for Riding Horse to Restaurant

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He has apparently been doing it for years.


Texas police were not horsing around when they fined a man for his choice in transportation to a local Taco Bell. According to WFAA, Taco Bell lover Rick Braun was fined $266 last week for riding his horse to the restaurant with his friends. Braun says that he has been traveling to the restaurant by horse for years, "often going two to three nights a week."

Police spokesperson Jon Felty says that officers have repeatedly warned Braun and his friends to stop riding their horses to the restaurant, adding that it violates a city code that states that "it is unlawful for anyone to ride or drive an animal on a public side walk" or a heavily traveled street. Fox2Now notes that police have also received complaints about horse droppings, but Braun says he has never received one. Braun and his horse-riding friends plan to fight the citation next week and defend their ride to drink Starburst-flavored slurpees while driving horses.

Braun may be the first person to ride a horse to Taco Bell, but two years ago, a woman tried to ride one through the drive-thru of a McDonald's in the UK. When they would not serve her, the woman attempted to bring the horse into the restaurant.