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Worst Barista Ever Trashes Customer for Requesting Almond Milk

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The barista has since been fired.


Though alternative milks — including almond, coconut, and soy — have hit mainstream coffee shops like Starbucks and Peet's, at least one barista has had enough. This weekend Amancia Kaushal, a regular customer at La Provence in Portland, Ore., ordered her usual almond milk latte. And though the order was prepared correctly, Kaushal happened to see what was printed on her order ticket: in addition to the order was an unspeakable insult. Upset, Kaushal decided to post her story on Facebook:

I want everyone to know that I went to LA PROVENCE at Progress Ridge this morning. I come here all the time and typically buy 4 almond milk lattes. The last few visits I was given mochas but I never complained or asked for a refund. Today I went in and ordered and said please make sure they're just almond milk, no mocha. This is the receipt that I received. — with La Provence at Progress Ridge.

The comments section has blown up with support and sympathy.

La Provence responded with an apology, "We truly apologize for this incident." According to a person familiar with the business the employee in question has been terminated.

Perhaps Kaushal should commiserate with the customers of this Burger King location, and maybe also the waitress at this Red Lobster, who received a very racist note from a customer.

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