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Chef Michael Symon Expands His Burger Empire

A new location is slated to open in Indianapolis this June.

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B Spot/Facebook

Chef and The Chew host Michael Symon — who is also in the midst of opening a highly anticipated barbecue restaurant — is expanding his restaurant empire to Indiana. According to Indy Star, Symon will open an outpost of his casual burger chainlet B Spot in Indianapolis this June. This will be the chef's eighth B Spot location joining outposts in Cleveland, Columbus, and Detroit.

The Indianapolis restaurant — Symon's first in the state — will feature the chainlet's signature menu of "tricked-out" burgers where customers can choose between beef, turkey, or vegetarian patties. Menu items include the Fat Doug, which is a burger topped with coleslaw and pastrami and the Porky which comes loaded with pork and coleslaw. There are also two bologna sandwiches on the menu alongside brats, salads, and fries. To drink, the restaurant will serve milkshakes laced with booze, a large bourbon selection, and 30 craft beers. As for the space, the restaurant will have an "industrial-inspired" dining room decorated with the B Spot's "signature ‘B' mural" which is made with recycled beer cars.

Symon's announcement comes just weeks after Indiana made headlines for its controversial Religious Freedom law which allows restaurants to refuse service on the basis of sexual orientation. While the Indiana Legislature quickly amended the law in an attempt to make it less discriminatory, restaurants are still legally allowed to discriminate against LGBT customers. The law has inspired many businesses to vow to pull out of Indiana.