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Who Said It: Socrates, Descartes, or Ferran Adrià?

How well do you know your modern and ancient philosophers?

wikipedia/Ferran Adrià

The food world is full of thoughtful, inspiring minds, but few come close to the creative power of elBulli inventor and chef Ferran Adrià. One of the broadest and most confusing thinkers of our day — especially in the kitchen — Adrià has largely left the restaurant world behind in search of deeper meaning. He's currently creating an encyclopedia of the culinary arts, building a museum, and continues to operate elBulli as a test laboratory for sometimes outlandish ideas and big picture visions.

There are few chefs that come close to Adrià's high intellect; in fact, his tweets alone compete with mankind's greatest thinkers, including French philosopher, mathematician and, writer René Descartes and Greek philosopher Socrates. Can you tell the three minds apart? Here now, a quiz. Who said it: Socrates, Descartes, or Ferran Adrià?