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CNBC's New Restaurant World Docu-Series 'Consumed' Premieres May 13

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It follows five New York City restaurants including the Meatball Shop and Melba's.


CNBC is airing a new docu-series all about the cutthroat restaurant world. According to a press release, the show — which was first announced last April — is titled Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business. It promises to take viewers "behind-the-scenes of five very different restaurants in the ultra-competitive New York food scene." The eight-episode series appears determined to show just how hard success in the industry is to come by, and will chronicle each restaurants' "every struggle and occasional triumph."

Consumed will follow the Meatball Shop as the owners grow their "budding empire"; Melba's, a Harlem comfort food classic that hopes to expand to the national scene; Ann & Tony's, a multi-generational mom-and-pop restaurant that is struggling financially; Seamore's, a new,"risky" seafood restaurant launching this summer; and shitshow Vermillion, which is attempting "to win over the critical NY food press with an expensive re-launch." The dramatic trailer promises plenty of tension and explosive arguments. Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business premieres on May 13.

CNBC's other food-centric shows include Restaurant Startup which stars restaurateur Joe Bastianich and Texas-based chef Tim Love. Restaurant Startup pits Bastianich and Love against one another as they "vie to invest their money" in restaurant concepts they think will be successful. Check out the trailer for Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business below: