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Burger King Cashier Goes on Shopping Spree With Cop's Debit Card

She now faces two counts of fraud.


If you're going to use a stolen debit card, you might want to make sure it doesn't belong to a cop. According to Richmond County Daily Journal, 29-year-old Burger King cashier Latrish Melvin from Laurinburg, N.C. did just that and is now facing two counts of fraud.

Last week, an officer ate breakfast at the Burger King where Melvin was employed and left his debit card behind by mistake. Melvin then took the card, left work, and made "several purchases" at local businesses. She managed to spend over $230 before the card was reported as stolen. Melvin was arrested after family members and coworkers identified her on surveillance footage from stores where she made purchases. She is due in court today to receive sentencing.

Unfortunately having a debit or credit card stolen by a restaurant employee is not uncommon: A few years ago, an executive chef was caught using stolen credit cards to purchase radio-controlled cars. Before he was caught, the former chef (he was eventually fired) spent over $3,500 of stolen money on the toys.