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Watch Eric Ripert Try to Teach Seth Meyers How to Make Tuna Carpaccio

"Oh my god what did you do?"

Last night on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Avec Eric host/chef Eric Ripert stopped by to teach comedian Seth Meyers how to make tuna carpaccio. For the dish, Ripert uses a cut of yellowfin tuna. Meyers wonders out loud, "What percentage of people think that yellowfin tuna is yellow?" To make the dish, Meyers and Ripert must flatten the tuna with a "pounder" that looks like a heavy metal stamp ("This is great because my dream was to be a notary"). However, Meyers isn't quite as talented in the kitchen as Ripert, causing the chef to shout phrases like "Oh my god what did you do?" Go, watch to see if it all works out in the end.