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Iron Chef Morimoto's Next Restaurant Will Open in Toronto

It's a combination restaurant, bar, and terrace.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Noted Japanese chef and television personality Masaharu Morimoto is opening a new restaurant in Toronto. Blog TO reports that the restaurant and bar will occupy two stories of a brand new — and as yet unconstructed — high-rise development next to the Royal Alexandra Theatre. The restaurant, bar, and outdoor dining space will be inside the new Theater Park condominiums and is expected to open before 2017.

There are no details on the concept or menu, but based on Morimoto's expansion over the last few years this may be another location of his namesake restaurant.

The latest move from the globe-trotting chef shows him less focused on his television career and more on expanding his restaurant empire. Morimoto has nearly a dozen restaurants across the world. He most recently announced a partnership with the Walt Disney Company. This year, he will open a two-story restaurant called Morimoto Asia at Disney World in Orlando.