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Food Cart Fire Triggers Brief Lockdown at the White House

It only lasted about an hour.


A food cart-related incident put a delay on President Obama's travel plans this morning. "A security lockdown at the White House triggered by a loud bang just as President Barack Obama was due to leave was caused by a food vendor cart catching fire on a nearby street," says Reuters.

Photos posted to social media show a heavy cloud of smoke in the area, where it appears several food trucks and vendors were parked.

As The Washington Times points out, "It’s common to see vendors, carts and trailers around the White House . . . Stands selling ice cream and bottled water can often be found on the sidewalks around the D.C. landmark."

At the same time, Secret Service agents were using a bomb-sniffing dog to investigate a car in the area, but The New York Times says "it did not appear the two incidents were related." The Obamas were headed to Selma, Alabama for a civil rights march anniversary event; the lockdown only lasted about an hour before POTUS and his family were permitted to leave by motorcade.

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