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José Andrés Reveals Menu Details for His Casual Veggie Restaurant Beefsteak

"This is not a salad bar, this is not vegetarian or vegan..."

Here's more information from Spanish DC-based chef José Andrés about his vegetable-focused fast food concept, Beefsteak. Andrés has been teasing out this concept since last fall. Late last year, Andrés said he'd open the first location in DC in January 2015. Though it hasn't opened yet, it's clear the chef — who is known for his liberal and exciting use of molecular gastronomy — is gearing up for a big launch this year.

"Have you ever listened to a tomato? If you take the time, vegetables have amazing stories to tell."

In the video, Andrés explains his perspective and his desire to make people's lives better. The mission of ThinkFoodGroup is "to change the world for the power of food," and Beefsteak is a way to do that for people who can't afford to eat at Andrés' restaurants. He wants to "feed millions in a day," and get them to "come back again and again." Beefsteak will put vegetables "center stage," and focus on vegetables fresh from farmers.

"Have you ever listened to a tomato? If you take the time, vegetables have amazing stories to tell." He clarifies: "This is not a salad bar, this not vegetarian or vegan, this is not a health food restaurant." The food will be affordable and will be made in front of diners, "in a bowl." You'll start with vegetables, and then will choose your grain, "quinoa, rice, couscous..." and then you'll "choose your sauce... America loves sauce, spicy tomato, green herb pesto... " and finally, "Toppings! Roasted pumpkin seeds, crispy shallots, crispy seaweed..." Beefsteak will also offer protein: "some meat — or... smoked salmon? An egg? Or half an avocado." Watch the full video to hear more about how Andrés plans to execute Beefsteak.

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