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Google's App Can Now Teach You How to Make Cocktails

It will even show you where to get ingredients.


Google is getting into the recipe game: According to a spokesperson, the search engine launched a new cocktail feature on the Google app this week. When users press the mic button and ask how to make a cocktails — like a Moscow Mule or a margarita (the two most-searched cocktails in 2015 so far) — the app will now display step-by-step instructions, a list of ingredients, and "suggestions for [a] garnish and drinkware." The spokesperson adds that information for how to make the cocktails "is culled from a variety of sources and has been vetted for accuracy."

"[The recipes are] culled from a variety of sources and have been vetted for accuracy."

The app can also help users find the nearest stores where certain ingredients are available. And for those that are too lazy to make their own drink, the Google app can also locate nearby cocktail bars alongside their hours, ratings, and photos.

Google has been steadily adding more food- and drink-related capabilities to its app. Last October, the company announced that it integrated OpenTable into the app's voice search function. So now, customers with the OpenTable app can simply ask the Google app can simply use voice commands to make a reservation at a restaurant. Google also acquired restaurant survey site Zagat in 2011.