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McDonald's Mobile App Will Finally Launch This Summer

It will include a restaurant locator and a loyalty program.


Struggling burger chain McDonald's is attempting to catch up to competitors and plans on finally launching a mobile app in the U.S. this summer. According to Nation's Restaurant News, the company's Chief Administrative Officer Pete Bensen provided a few details about the app at the UBS Global Consumer conference today.

The company admits it's "late to the game."

The app will have "different functions in different parts of the world." Bensen revealed that the app might also include a restaurant locator, and a possible order-ahead and mobile payment system, which the chain tested last yearHe adds that the app could "provide a vehicle for promotions" and a "place for loyalty programs." Bensen admits that the chain is "a little late to the game," but adds that McDonald's has "dedicated significant resources to get ahead of the pack."

Competitors like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts been using mobile app technology for a long time. Nearly 7.5 million purchases are made each week at Starbucks via its app. The chain recently announced that it is adding an order- and pay-ahead feature to its app. Currently, a third party app for McDonald's exists called the McD App that allows users to find nearby locations, browse the menu, and redeem coupons.


Third party McDonald's app.