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Watch Conan O'Brien Visit an Authentic Cuban Paladar

A paladar is an underground family-run restaurant inside of a private home.

Last night's episode of Conan was filmed in Havana, Cuba. All restaurants in Cuba are owned by the government, so Cuban citizens set up paladares, or family-run restaurants in private homes. O'Brien finds himself sipping mojitos in one with interesting decor: Conan has a hard timing wrapping his mind around the fact that there is a life-size statue of Jesus next to a life-size statue of Karl Marx ("...I don't think Marx was a big fan of religion.")

O'Brien then sits down to eat a massive spread of Cuban dishes ("this food is so good I'm starting to forget I'm alone"), before handing the owner a hilariously cheesy framed photo of himself for the paladar's wall of celebrities.

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