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UPDATED: Watch Nemstov Badmouth Putin on Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown

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Shot of vodka anyone?

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The news cycle has been awash in stories about Boris Nemtsov, a liberal Russian scientist and politician, who was killed on the street last week in Russia. Last February, Nemtsov sat down for a meal with culinary explorer/Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain. The two talked extensively about politics and life in Russia.

"[I]f something happens between you and Putin... you will be in jail..."

In the interview, Nemtsov was outspoken in his criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He tells Bourdain, "[If] you have a good relationship with the government, you have a chance to raise money, to buy house in the South of France, to open accounts in Swiss banks, et cetera, but if something happens between you and Putin... you will be in jail... "

Bourdain looks uncomfortable as Nemstov goes on, "What we see is if you are rich... This is a country of corruption... For Putin and Russia, this is a system, this is not a problem."

Last week, Nemstov was found dead in front of the Kremlin. American news outlets, including, have lost no time in connecting the dots. Several sourcessuggest that the killing was politically motivated. Watch the clip, below.

Update, 3/5/15; 11:36 a.m.: Reuters confirmed late Wednesday that Nemtov "was shot dead as he walked with his girlfriend on Friday night near Red Square." An earlier version of this post suggested that the cause of death was "unknown."

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