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Eater Today: K-Cup Inventor Has Regrets, Brewery Sells Cat Poop Coffee Beer, and More

And more food news from across the universe.


You can always count on the Internet to fight the good fight: This week, news broke that Nutella banned words like "lesbian," "diabetes," and swear words from its latest social media campaign where people could customize images of Nutella jars. So, clever digital warriors decided to band together to find loopholes and "permissible synonyms" for the banned words like using boudin fécal (fecal sausage) instead of "caca."

Coffee-flavored beer is not new, but one Michigan beer maker is taking that concept to a new level. Perrin Brewing Co. recently released a brown ale called Big Konas that is made with Indonesian Kopi Luwak — or the coffee that is made from coffee beans that have been digested and pooped out by civets, a cat-like animal. Cheers!

As it stands right now, Georgia breweries are not allowed to sell beer directly to their customers. Lawmakers are considering passing a bill that would change the backwards law. Currently, breweries are only allowed to host educational tours and provide free samples of up to 32 ounces (which seems more like a really big beer, and less like a sample).

Don't mess with California and its wine bottles: The state claims that Gallo Glass Company used hazardous materials laced with arsenic, lead, cadmium, and more in the manufacturing of wine bottles at its plant in Modesto. Now, California is suing the company.


World saving chef Jamie Oliver continues his quest to open up locations of his Italian chain seemingly everywhere. Jamie's Italian is opening locations at airports across France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands in the next coming years.

Coffee machine company Keurig is facing some serious backlash over its plastic K-Cup coffee pods. They are incredibly difficult to recycle and are raising serious environmental concerns, so much so that their inventor John Sylan regrets ever creating them: "Looking back on his invention, amid increasing public condemnation of K-Cups as a scourge on the planet... I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it."