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Watch Gordon Ramsay Give Jimmy Kimmel a Blind Taste Test

Plus, Ramsay reveals his favorite chef in the world.

Shouty Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote the 14th season of Hell's Kitchen. Next month Ramsay celebrates the 500th episode of the show. To mark the occasion, Ramsay gives Kimmel a blind taste test.

When Kimmel calls out the strawberries for being spoiled, Ramsay chides him, "Stop being so fucking fussy." Kimmel explains, "I have a perfect palate, what are you going to do?" Watch on as Kimmel trolls Ramsay, and then Ramsay tricks Kimmel with a surprise ingredient.

Later in the episode, Kimmel asks Ramsay about his Iron Man training, and Ramsay reveals that his kids don't swear.

Finally, Ramsay reveals that he's afraid his girls — who are great cooks — might date a chef in the near future. No surprise, Ramsay plans on giving that poor kid a very hard time.

After the show, Ramsay takes photos with fans and reveals his favorite chef in the world: his mother.

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