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Successful Petition Strips Kraft Products of "Kids Eat Right" Logo

Dietitians complained that the labeling would mislead parents who were searching for healthy kids' options.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

A partnership between The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Kraft Foods ended abruptly after a group of dietitians complained about Kraft placing the group's "Kids Eat Right" logo on their Kraft Singles. The Chicago Tribune reports that a number of dietitians signed the petition, which claims that the use of the logo would make it appear as though the Academy were endorsing the processed cheese product. While both companies explain that the deal was only meant to raise awareness about calcium and Vitamin D deficiency in children, the campaign was mutually-ended after the petition called for transparency about the details of the agreement.

Although the dietitians' efforts were effective in terminating the deal, some products bearing the "Kids Eat Right" stamp have already been manufactured. Jody Moore, a spokeswoman for Kraft, neglected to mention whether Kraft is still donating money to the Academy. The logo will begin appearing on Kraft products next week and is likely to stay there until at least July.

Academy spokesperson Sonja Connor stated, "This pilot initiative was never intended to be an official Academy endorsement of a particular product, which is strictly prohibited by our policy and is expressly included in all contracts."