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Watch SNL's Skit About a James Beard Award-Winning Sex Offender Chef

He might have won a James Beard, but he can't make mashed potatoes.

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live features a skit about Paul (played by Kenan Thompson), a James Beard Award-wining chef who happens to also be a three-time convicted sex offender. On his cooking show called Cooking With Paul, he introduces Mitch (Dwayne Johnson) as his "sidekick." Mitch is actually Paul’s probation officer, however.

Over the course of the clip, Paul attempts to cook mashed potatoes and rosemary chicken and fails hilariously in the process. He is constantly distracted by his urge to use the internet, which Mitch perpetually reminds him that he is banned from doing: "It’s going to take about five minutes. So you got a little time to kill. Why don’t we just go ahead and pop around the internet and check out some chat rooms." Go, watch.

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