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Watch the Next Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, Joke About Taco Truck Culture Clash

The South African comedian is about to take on American politics — and food.

Fans of Comedy Central's The Daily Show were abuzz this morning when the network announced host Jon Stewart's replacement: Trevor Noah. One of the best things about Stewart — who is retiring after 16 years on the rule-bending political news satire — was his knack for seeing through food policy gaffsBig Food's lobbies, and ridiculous chain restaurant rules. Over the years, Stewart tackled hard-hitting topics like deep dish pizzapink slime, and Chik-fil-A's "asshole" owner.

Can newbie Trevor Noah keep up? The South African comedian has an approachable, acerbic sense of humor that may be universally appealing. For the first time in The Daily Show's history, we'll have a non-American poke fun at our very American ways — and our very American foods. Will Noah be as successful as Stewart has been in taking down President Obama and the U.S. Congress? We'll have to wait and see. But at least we know he can successfully joke about American food. Here's a clip of Noah discussing, with great effect, his first experience ordering food from a taco truck.

Trevor Noah: Tacos

Trevor Noah takes Stewart's place at the helm of The Daily Show "at a later date," according to a release. The new show will likely debut in 2016.