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Confirmed: Cotton Candy Oreos Are Very Real

Oreo gets serious about the internet's so-called "cookie leaks."

Coming soon to an Oreo near you.
Coming soon to an Oreo near you.

Cotton candy-flavored Oreos really do exist. Last month, images leaked of an alleged new cookie flavor featuring what appears to be Golden Oreo cookies filled with a pink and blue cotton candy-flavored creme. Nabisco confirmed to MarketWatch that the leaked photos are indeed real but would not reveal when the cookies will hit store shelves. Alan Keane, a spokesperson for the company, notes that the company is displeased that "top secret OREO flavors are leaking" and that they are getting "to the bottom of these cookie leaks."

The photo of the cotton candy Oreos — along with photos of a rumored s'mores flavor and others — were posted to an Instagram account by a user mysteriously called cookie0man. As of yesterday, the account has been deleted. It appears as if Instagram has been doing a bit of policing lately with what is shared on the platform: Not only was the cookie account removed but the social media site recently took down a photo of customers posted by a chef calling them out on their rude behavior.

Oreo is arguably the ultimate stunt-cookie creators: The chain has launched a variety of flavors including cookie dough, candy corn, root beer float, caramel apple, and most recently red velvet.