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Brilliant Instagram Account Pokes Fun at High-End Dining

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Say it aloud: Chef Jacques La Merde

Steve Russell/Getty Images

What do you get when you cross fast food with fine dining? A brilliant new Instagram account that marries tongue-in-cheek humor with kitchen slang. Chef Jacques La Merde — a pseudonym for a chef familiar with New Nordic plating techniques — has a penchant for fast junk food and crazy-cool flavor combinations. The chef's tagline is "small portions | tweezered everything," but it's the image descriptions that have us laughing out loud. "Hay-baked Hot Pockets with Hidden Valley Bacon Ranch spheres and a puree of Zoodles" anyone? What would René Redzepi say?

In the tradition of Ruth Bourdain — who was outed in 2013 — @chefjacqueslamerde is anonymous. Think you know who this culinary comedian is? Leave your best guess in the comments below.