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Top Chef: The Cruise Lives On; More Cricket Protein Bars

Plus, a new prosciutto-centric cookbook.

TOP CHEFFAGE—Oh thank goodness, the Top Chef cruise will live on. Today Bravo and Celebrity Cruises announced that "Top Chef at Sea" has been extended through 2016. The next one sets sail to the Caribbean November 14 and will feature show alums Nina Compton, Tiffany Derry, and Chris Crary, among others. The important question is: Will Hubert Keller be DJing again?

KICKSTARTIN'—Cricket protein bars are apparently all the rage these days. In addition to the existing Exo bars, you may soon see CROBARS hit the market: This "revolutionary protein bar, containing cricket flour and other natural ingredients" is currently seeking startup funds via crowdfunding.

BOOK CLUB—The latest edition of Short Stack — "hand-bound, short-format cookbooks created by the country's best authors, chefs and food writers" — is written by chef Sara Jenkins of Porsena in NYC. Volume 14: Prosciutto di Parma includes recipes for atypical prosciutto dishes including tacos; find it now at the Short Stack website for $14.