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Hallelujah, There's Now an Official Sriracha Snack Line

Brace for Sriracha hummus.

Huy Fong Sriracha popcorn is now a real thing.
Huy Fong Sriracha popcorn is now a real thing.
Pop! Gourmet Foods

Excellent news for those who firmly believe Sriracha sauce belongs on everything: A new line of snacks sanctioned by Huy Fong, the manufacturer of the world's number-one rooster sauce, will soon hit stores.

Yahoo Food reports that Huy Fong has partnered with Seattle company Pop! Gourmet Foods "to produce a new line of products that are actually made with the iconic sauce." That sets them apart from the host of other Sriracha-inspired products that are already on the market, including Lays Sriracha-flavored chips and more recently, Heinz Sriracha ketchup.

According to Yahoo, the snack selection will include popcorn (already in stores), hummus, potato chips, croutons, tortilla chips, and a dehydrated Sriracha powder that can be used as a spice on just about anything. America's love of Sriracha clearly knows no bounds: There's even a Sriracha-inspired beer in the works.