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Taco Bell and McDonald's Engage in an All-Out Breakfast War

Which will reign supreme: Egg McMuffins or A.M. Crunchwraps?

Pillar of fine drive-thru cuisine Taco Bell is taking the notion of breakfast wars quite literally. The Fritos Taco inventor is thumbing its nose at McDonald's breakfast offerings with a new "short film" (read: extremely long commercial) that Adweek says will air during the Walking Dead season finale on Sunday.

Set in a drab 1984-esque dystopian landscape, a creepy Ronald McDonald lookalike dictator enforces a strict policy of sameness on his citizens, who are all forced to eat Egg McMuffin-looking breakfast sandwiches — until a couple of young rebels come along and break free of the oppressed society (to the tune of The Ramones, naturally), traversing a treacherous ball pit to reach a colorful land where shiny happy faces are noshing on A.M. Crunchwraps.

McDonald's has chosen to take the high (and low-budget) road, firing back with a simple Vine that depicts a Crunchwrap-ish hexagon blossoming into a flower:

In its quest to combat the supposed Egg McMuffin-laden dystopia, Taco Bell has just launched breakfast biscuit tacos, a perverse new creation that comes stuffed with either fried chicken and gravy or egg, cheese, and bacon or sausage.

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