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New Automated Jell-O Shot Maker is a Frat Boy's Dream

It can make 20 shots in 10 minutes.

The Jevo in action.
The Jevo in action.

Attention frat bros: It's a brand new day. A new machine called the Jevo is making it way easier to prepare the alcoholic American delicacies known as Jell-O shots.

Mashable likens it to a Keurig, noting that the Jevo can make up to 20 shots in 10 minutes — a process that traditionally takes a few hours in the refrigerator. The contraption, which is "being marketed mostly to bars," is wi-fi enabled and has three LED screens that can be used to display promotional materials (or you know, fraternity emblems), and is even self-cleaning. Similar to the Keurig, Jevo sells "proprietary flavor pods" in flavors like margarita, pina colada, grape, and coffee bean.

The machine is currently available for pre-order, though the website doesn't disclose pricing info. With powdered alcoholhangover-free wine, and electrolyte-enhanced beer all on the horizon, a new era of irresponsible drinking is clearly upon us.