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Woman Who Shot Up a McDonald's Over Bacon Faces Prison Time

They forgot to put bacon on her burger — twice.

Probably best to keep any guns safely tucked away during drive-thru transactions.
Probably best to keep any guns safely tucked away during drive-thru transactions.

It sucks when a fast food place gets your order wrong, but a Michigan woman may have overreacted just a bit. For that, she is now facing prison time. Last February, 30-year-old Shaneka Torres "shot into a McDonald's after employees there twice failed to put bacon on her burger," reports MLive.

A guilty verdict was handed down yesterday following a two-day trial; Torres "faces at least two years in prison for felony use of a firearm, followed by a maximum of five years for shooting at an occupied building and illegally carrying a concealed weapon."

Per MLive, here's how the situation went down:

The shooting occurred around 2 a.m. on Feb. 9, 2014, when Torres returned to the McDonald's on 28th Street SE, near Madison Avenue, for a free bacon cheeseburger. Torres had been to the restaurant hours earlier where she ordered a bacon cheeseburger but it was delivered to her without bacon. McDonald's management offered her a free burger on her next visit. Then the replacement burger also did not have bacon on it.

After that — depending on whether you believe the prosecution or the defense — Torres either intentionally fired a handgun into the drive-thru window, or the gun accidentally went off as she was grabbing her phone and money out of her purse. (Per testimony by a firearms expert, the latter situation seems pretty unlikely.) During a recorded interrogation following the incident, Torres astutely stated, "There was no reason. It was just dumb."

Incredibly, Torres isn't the first person to pull a gun on an unsuspecting McDonald's employee: A man waved a gun around inside a Nashville location after he failed to receive a McDouble sandwich at the drive-thru window.

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