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Here's Why Chipotle Doesn't Serve Fish Tacos

Someone buy Chipotle a freezer, stat.

You won't find these at Chipotle anytime soon.
You won't find these at Chipotle anytime soon.
Bill Addison

It doesn't look like Chipotle will serve fish tacos anytime soon. According to Business Insider, seafood may be a healthy and popular protein source but the famed burrito chain has no plans to offer ingredients like shrimp and fish. Chris Arnold — a spokesperson for Chipotle — reveals, "Seafood is difficult in our case because we don't have freezers and it doesn't hold very long unless it's frozen."

Arnold adds that Chipotle is cautious of introducing new items to the menu, too: "Maintaining a really focused menu lets us do the things we do really well." The most recent additions to Chipotle's menu are the vegan tofu sofritas — which the chain debuted last fall — and a line of margaritas which launched in 2013.

Additionally, the chain has high standards when it comes to the ingredients it offers. Chipotle stopped serving pork carnitas in many of its stores earlier this year when one of its suppliers failed to meet the its "responsibility raised" standards.