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Eater Today: Taco Bell Launches Biscuit Tacos; Ben and Jerry's Passover Flavor

Plus a new app that prevents drunk dialing.

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Ben & Jerry's themed-ice creams are legendary; its latest is a kosher-for-Passover charoset flavor. Charoset is a symbolic fruit-and-nut puree and the ice cream version features apples and walnuts. However, it's only available in Israel for a limited time.

Taco Bell is dropping its famed waffle taco in favor of one made from a biscuit. The breakfast — which was first tested in September — consists of a taco-shaped buttermilk biscuit filled with either crispy chicken and jalapeño honey or country gravy; or egg and cheese with either bacon or sausage. As for the reason behind the change, a spokesperson for the chain notes that sometimes menu items "run out of gas." Plus, the A.M. Crunchwrap "is the star" of Taco Bell's breakfast menu.

Related and important question:

There's a handy new app that claims it can prevent drunk dialing.
According to the Drinks Business, the Drunk Mode app is described "as a condom for your phone." It allows users to activate "drunk mode" which disables all "dialing and text functions" on the phone for a set time period. It even includes a "breadcrumbs" feature which allows uses to see where exactly they were the next day. Most impressively, the app includes a "find my drunk" option which lets friends and family track down a user's location if they separate from the group.

Some sharp words from Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto:

Yelp, the online review site and subject of an upcoming documentary, wants to play nightlife concierge. The company is partnering with TableList to allow users to book VIP bottle service and tables through Yelp's platform.