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Badass Restaurateur Puts Thief In a Headlock Over $10

The thief was arrested.


One Pennsylvania restaurant owner broke out his best WWE moves when a thief attempted to steal from his establishment. According to ABC 6, 23-year-old Peter Faiss walked into Tony's Pizza on St. Patrick's Day and asked to apply for a job. While the cashier went to the back of the restaurant to grab their boss, Faiss reached into the collection jar for a local Little League team to grab all of the cash — about $10 in total — and stuff it into his pockets.

What not to do when applying for a job.

Little did Faiss know that the owner of the shop was watching him on the restaurant's surveillance video. The owner, who simply is referred to as Tony, "marched up" to Faiss and "immediately put him in a headlock" before taking him down. Tony explains, "I got upset. It's money for the kids." The cashier called the cops, Faiss was arrested, and the $10 he stole was recovered. Faiss appears remorseful: "I had a few drinks in me. It was an impulse and now I'm paying for it. I regret what I did and will suffer the consequences." He probably also learned a lesson in what not to do while applying for a job.

Restaurant owners might need to start guarding tip and donation jars more closely. Earlier this month in Orange County, a thief snatched the tip jar from the counter of a local Starbucks and bolted out the door. A customer chased the thief into the parking lot, but ended up in the hospital after the thief hit him with a 40 pound metal sign. And in February, a woman in Beverly Hills — nicknamed the "Tip Jar Bandit" — was arrested for stealing money from the tip jar at the coffee shop.

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