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850-Pound Bluefin Tuna Caught Off the Coast of Western Japan

It sold for $314,000.

Ken Ishii/Getty Images

In what must have taken some serious arm strength, a Japanese fisherman caught a 386 kilogram (850 pound) bluefin tuna. According to the Wall Street Journal, the fish is the largest catch in the history of Japanese port city Katsuura. Surprisingly, it's not the largest bluefin ever caught: Last year, a woman in New Zealand reeled in a 907 pound fish.

The monster fish in question was 2.6 meters (8.5 feet) long and its nose had to be chopped off so that the fish could fit into a shipment box. The tuna was sold for 3.76 million yen ($314,000 USD).

That price point is quite cheap for the bluefin tuna, considering that the fish is endangered and is one of the most popular varieties used in sushi. In 2013, wealthy businessman Kiyoshi Kimura — who owns Japanese chain Sushi Zanmai — purchased a 488 pound fish (which is just over half the size of the fish caught in Katsuura) for a staggering $1.76 million, or over five times of what the Katsuura fish commanded. The same businessman purchased a 593-pound bluefin tuna for $736,000 the year before that.

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