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Paula Deen Announces New Show on Unknown Cable Channel

The fallen Southern butter queen will host a show on Evine Live.

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Disgraced food person/comeback queen Paula Deen announced that she will return to cable television after a 22-month hiatus. According to a release, Deen will host a show on Evine Live, a digital commerce company also known as a cable network no one has ever heard of that sounds like HSN had a three-way with Lifetime and Oxygen. The new show, Paula Deen's Kitchen, premieres this week on Thursday, March 25.

Deen famously lost her ludicrously profitable Food Network shows in June of 2013. Since then, she has purchased the rights to her old shows and launched a subscription-based online network. Since the downfall, her television appearances have been limited to botched apologies and embarrassing interviews.

The new cooking show will put an emphasis on "exclusive food and pantry products, plus delicious, mouth-watering recipes." Said Russell Nuce, Chief Strategy Officer of EVINE Live in a release, "We're thrilled to finally debut Paula Deen's Kitchen... Our viewers have been buzzing with excitement on social media... We look forward to welcoming her fans to the network, where they will be able to shop, share, and smile with their favorite 'Queen of Southern Cuisine.'"

Deen recently attended a party for the premiere of her show and brought along a dog for no apparent reason, see photo above.

Paula Deen's Kitchen starts off with a three-hour premiere this week which will be followed by live segments set to air once every six or eight weeks.