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2015's 'Most Delicious' Magazine Covers Are Food Porn — and Actual Porn

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Check out the American Society of Magazine Editors 'Most Delicious' magazine cover award nominees.


The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) is holding its annual Best Cover Contest. Because editors at national and regional magazines across the country have nominated their own work in a handful of categories, the "Most Delicious" category is filled with food porn and, somewhat unexpectedly, also contains covers that feature nude human bodies.

It's true. Check it out all 24 "Most Delicious" nominees.

Sid Holt, chief executive of ASME, explained the nominees: "Magazines decide where to enter covers. The meaning of Most Delicious is open to interpretation (another example is the Brainiest category). Some magazines interpret the category names more metaphorically than others."

Here are a few of the "Most Delicious" magazine cover nominees for 2015:


Bon Appetit




Though each magazine's editors submitted their own work, anyone can weigh in on their favorite. Vote on Facebook by liking the "Most Delicious" magazine cover here.

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