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Restaurateur Jumps Barricade to Hand the Pope a Papal Pizza

It features the phrase "Il Papa" written in dough.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Pope Francis — the ice cream- and wine-loving leader of the Catholic church — may not be able to go to a pizzeria "without being recognized," but people will go out of their way to bring pizzas to him. According to CNN, local pizzeria owner Enzo Caialli made a special Papal pie for the Pope and personally handed it to him as the Pope's motorcade drove through Naples, Italy.

Caialli — who is the co-owner of Pizzeria Don Ernesto — cooked up a pizza topped with dough that spells out "Il Papa" and yellow cherry tomatoes in "reference to the Vatican flag." A video shows Caialli handing the Pope the pizza and then pumping his fist in air in victory. There is no word on whether or not the Pope will even get a slice, if there even is any pie left" after his security team had tested every inch of it for poison and other harmful materials," writes the Daily Dot.

Photo: Pizzeria Don Ernesto/Facebook

Regardless, Caialli is really excited about the moment: "It's really hard for me to understand what I managed to do... Giving a pizza you made with your own hands to the Pope is very emotional. It's really hard for me to express the value of this gesture for a man we really love and value, for a beautiful person full of humanity." Watch the video of Caialli handing a pizza to the Pope below.