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NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Thinks He Can Impress Gordon Ramsay

Cromartie wants to compete on Hell's Kitchen.

"Chef Cro" wants to bring his game face to Hell's Kitchen/
"Chef Cro" wants to bring his game face to Hell's Kitchen/
Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

One pro football player believes that he can not only crush the competition on the field, but also in the kitchen. NY Jets cornerback /controversial father Antonio Cromartie tells TMZ that he wants to be on the cooking competition show Hell's Kitchen. Cromartie — who calls himself "Chef Cro" — believes that he can "out-cook the masses" on Fox's hit series and that his food — including dishes like lemon herb chicken and pork chops — will impress shouty chef and Hell's Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay. Cromartie boldly proclaims, "I want to be on Hell's Kitchen and I think I could win," adding, "If Gordon Ramsay ever gave me a shot I would surprise him."

However, former contestants allege that being on Hell's Kitchen isn't all fun and games. In January, competitors told the New York Post that the show "really is Hell." They apparently were only allowed very little sleep, a small amount of food, and had no emotional support. Plus, production would allegedly swap out contestants' ingredients to make them look bad.

Cromartie isn't the only athlete that wants to hang with Ramsay. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. might not want to compete on Hell's Kitchen, but he does want the British chef to cook his meal after his fight against Manny Pacquiao in May. Mayweather Jr. also hopes to open a restaurant with Ramsay one day.

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