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Scientists Are Developing a Hangover-Curing Beer

They're adding electrolytes to reduce dehydration.

Wagner T. Cassimiro/Flickr

What if you could get drunk and prevent a hangover at the same time? Australian scientists are "develop[ing] a beer that allows you to drink more while minimising your hangover," reports at Griffith University in Queensland have found that adding electrolytes in the form of sodium to beer "improves fluid retention," therefore compensating for alcohol's notorious dehydrating effects.

Research trials found that the addition of electrolytes "assisted hydration in low-alcohol beer, but had no significant effect in full-strength beer" — so beer-lovers with a taste for high-ABV brews might be out of luck. Drinkers could in theory achieve the same effects by mixing beer with say, Gatorade, though the resulting swill certainly wouldn't taste good. Now the research team says they're aiming to achieve the right balance "between function and taste," noting that "Any resulting product would not be a miracle-product, but might provide a safer alternative for drinkers."

Progress has also been made recently in the quest for a hangover-free wine — University of Illinois scientists have discovered a way to alter the genetics of yeast which could allow them to improve malolactic fermentation, therefore reducing hangover symptoms.