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Restaurant Sign Featuring Absurdly Well-Endowed Bull Offends Local Residents

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It's not exactly anatomically correct.

The Barista's sign prior to the addition of the controversial bull.
The Barista's sign prior to the addition of the controversial bull.
Barista's Restaurant

Folks in the town of Hurricane, Utah are apparently none too pleased with one restaurant's new mascot choice. According to St George News, a recently installed sign at Barista's Restaurant (which does not appear to specialize in espresso but rather steaks, burgers, and pizza) "featuring a bull’s extra-large male anatomy is sparking outrage within the community."

Some residents tell St George News "they think the bull would look good if it were anatomically correct and the dimensions and proportions were appropriate throughout," but the creator of the copper bull that now looks proudly over the town clearly took some artistic liberties — the bull's genitals are oddly conical in shape, and appear to be almost as long as one of its legs.

The restaurant's owner, Stephen Ward, claims people's issues are not with the sign but rather with him, saying, "If I put Pinocchio up there, its nose would be too big. It’s me. It’s me. It’s not the bull." The city planning director confirms that Ward followed proper protocol and got approval from the city before er, erecting the sign, but also says they only saw a miniature version of it on paper that "may not have had exactly the same proportions." Residents are planning to take the fight to the City Council to see if anything can be done about the bull and are also circulating a petition asking the council "to refuse Barista’s Restaurant’s business license renewal."