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Panera Is Using Technology to Spy On Its Employees

It's intended to ensure that 'food is being correctly prepared.'

Panera employees are (maybe) being watched.
Panera employees are (maybe) being watched.
Mike Mozart/Flickr

Is Panera Bread going all Big Brother on its employees? Nation's Restaurant News reports that the broth bowl hawkers are testing a new program in which "for a set period of time, it makes video recordings of employees making food." The recordings are then viewed by managers and company executives "to see if food is being correctly prepared."

In a statement to the Louisville Business Journal, a Panera rep compared the practice to "an athlete reviewing game film." Corporate bosses monitoring their hourly employees seems awfully different from athletes watching video of their own performances, but sure. The company didn't say which markets they're testing the the new program in.

Panera isn't the only chain to institute mildly creepy monitoring practices: Earlier this year Domino's launched a weird social media campaign that encouraged people to rat out franchises that were still using the old Domino's logo and signage. They were instructed to post photos with the hashtag #logoinformants for the chance to win free pizza and gift cards.

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