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Virginia Restaurateurs Almost Dub Their New Business 'Fucking Chicken'

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The Spanish slang term they were using can be interpreted in several different ways.

You want to call your restaurant <em>what?</em>
You want to call your restaurant what?
Rob and Stephanie Levy/Flickr

When using slang from a language that's foreign to you it's always wise to proceed with caution, as a soon-to-open chicken restaurant in Arlington, Virginia has found out. Pollo Chingon "may have ruffled some feathers with its Spanish slang," reports ABC 7.

The news station spoke to a local Spanish teacher who noted that the word chingon is usually used to refer to "something awesome, something nice, something cool," but that it "has a negative connotation that is most related to sex and you use it like a verb." News station ARLNow points out that the restaurant name can be interpreted to mean any one of many different things, including "big fucking chicken," "a fuckload of chicken," "really hardcore badass chicken," or perhaps the more innocent "damn good chicken." The owners — who are Pakistani — say they had no idea the name could be found offensive. The restaurant has since been renamed Charcoal Chicken.

Last year, Texas-based chain Pizza Patrón came under fire for a pizza creation they dubbed La Chingona. Many of their franchisees refused to sell the pie, and Spanish radio stations censored out the word in commercials. The brand defended their decision in a press release, proclaiming the ads "too 'chingón' for many Spanish radio networks."

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