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Taco Bell Drive-Thru Cashier Caught Stealing Credit Card Info

She was caught red-handed on a surveillance video.


Next time the craving for a Quesarito and a Mexican pizza strikes, it might be wise to scrounge up some cash first: A Taco Bell employee in Roswell, Georgia was caught ripping off unsuspecting drive-thru customers by capturing their credit card information.

According to 19 Action News, "Authorities said when customers would pull up to the drive-through window and hand over their credit card, Rosetta Brinson would pretend the card reader didn't work, telling customers she had to manually enter their number." Per a surveillance video, after typing all of the credit card info into the point-of-sales system, she would wait for the customer to drive off and then whip out what appears to be her cell phone to snap a photo of the screen with all the information on it.

Police say "Brinson would charge small items online, often for less than $100," but they're not yet sure how many customers have been affected. "It's something that you really shouldn't do," a customer sagely told the local news affiliate.

A former employee of the Taco Bell said "customers are practically sitting ducks," telling the news station, "When you have to put in the card, you have to type in everything on the screen and it's all there and it stays there until you move on."

Should restaurants be taking greater precautions with their customers' sensitive data? There are certainly no shortage of ways for customers to get ripped off, from servers forging higher tip amounts on receipts to large-scale data breaches thanks to hackers.