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Watch Actress Mindy Kaling Explain Her McDonald's Obsession

She also has theories on Happy Meals.

Actress/writer/general funny person Mindy Kaling stopped by Conan last night to chat about her McDonald's obsession. Host Conan O'Brien points out that Kaling talks about the chain a lot: "You tweet a lot about McDonald's — to the point where I think they're paying you." Kaling defends her restaurant of choice, explaining that when she was little she ‘wasn't really allowed to eat it," so now she likes to say "fuck you childhood" and order Quarter Pounders all the time. Well, only two times a week because Kaling says she is single and wants "people to think she's cool." The actress also reveals that she refuses to dine in, and remains coy about whether she "shame eats in the car." Plus, she has some very poignant theories on who can and cannot purchase Happy Meals.