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Domino's Launches New Ordering App for Smartwatches

The app is available for Pebble and Android smartwatches.


If you've been dreaming of the day when you would finally be able to order a pizza via your watch, rejoice, for that day has come. According to a press release, Domino's is launching an app that allows users to place and track orders with their Pebble or Android smartwatches. Domino's is officially the first pizza chain to offer customers this new technology.

"[O]rder pizza from your wrist in literally three clicks."

Because users are dealing with a limited amount of space on a smartwatch screen, the app is a simplified version of those developed for the web or mobile phones. Entrepreneur writes that for customers to place an order from their wrist, they will need to have an "Easy Order" saved to their account, or have made a recent order that is saved to their profile. Though that makes it impossible to create a customized order using the watch, it does make it possible to "order pizza from your wrist in literally three clicks." The app also tracks orders, showing customers when a pizza has been put in the oven and when it is out for delivery.

Domino's sees itself as a bit of a "technology trailblazer": Last year, the chain introduced an upgrade to its mobile ordering app. It features an "intelligent virtual assistant" named Dom. The Siri-like system allows users to simply open the app and give Dom directions like "I'll take a 14-piece order of Hot Wings" instead of having to click through to order. The chain also launched an iPad app just a few months earlier that included a 3D "realistic pizza builder" that gives customers a better approximation of what their pizza will look like in real life. Check out a video about the smartwatch app below: