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Go Inside Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson's Loco'l Test Kitchen

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This is some good-looking fast food.

Late last night Loco'l — the forthcoming fast food concept from chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson — reached its crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo. The company now has $100,000 to spend on research, development, and real estate. The Loco'l team has been celebrating, yes, but they've also continued working. Here's the latest update, a video inside Loco'l's test kitchen where Choi and Patterson can be seen making burgers, buns, chicken fritters, sauces, flatbreads, and tacos. Only one question remains: How will these two chefs, with backgrounds in fine dining, translate this food into something that can be produced on a mass scale? Check out the video, below, for a first look at what diners might see on the menu at the first Loco'l.