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Chefs and Loco'l founders Daniel Patterson (L) and Roy Choi.
Chefs and Loco'l founders Daniel Patterson (L) and Roy Choi.

With days to spare, Roy Choi (Kogi, POT, Los Angeles) and Daniel Patterson's (Coi, San Francisco) surpassed $100,000 on IndieGoGo for their fast food start-up, Loco'l. The goal seems to have been lowered from $150,000. Eater has reached out to the Loco'l team for comment.

One of the 1,000-plus backers was Chef actor/director Jon Favreau, who dropped $7,500 for the cause once it reached $75,000 in funds. In an update to the campaign yesterday, Choi and Patterson celebrated: "We did it! Thank u all so much. Time to get to work and make it real. The revolution has begun! We still got time so spread the word. Amazing. THANK YOU!"

The chefs hope to revolutionize the fast food industry with concepts like "wholesomeness, deliciousness, and affordability" as well as fancy chicken nuggets. The chain will likely open its first location in Watts in LA this summer, with the Tenderloin in San Francisco following closely. Detroit should also see a Loco'l restaurant in the near future.